It is natural to experience some changes in strength, flexibility, coordination, stamina, memory, and attention as you age. These changes can happen slowly over time leading you to be at risk for falls or injury. You can be proactive with preventing the decline in these areas by staying active and in tune to changes within your body. Maintaining physical and cognitive health improves quality of life and preserves independence. One easy way you can stay ahead is by getting a free screening now to see if you may benefit from support in one or more of these areas. Read more about each screening below and request a free screening by completing the form or by contacting your local LBBRG clinic.

Balance Screening

  • Feeling unsteady or less active?
  • Get a Fall Risk Assessment comparing you with those in your age group.
  • Learn how Physical Therapy can improve your balance and strength to stay active and reduce your risk of falls.

Arm and Hand Screening

  • Having challenges with reaching or lifting things?
  • Do you feel pain in your shoulder(s)?
  • Do you fumble or drop objects?
  • Experiencing difficulty with daily activities that involve your arm/hands?
  • Learn how Occupational Therapy can help you return to your daily activities and hobbies.

Cognitive Communication Screening

  • Do you lose track of what you are talking about?
  • Do you have difficulty with paying attention?
  • Trouble remembering new information?
  • Have incomplete projects that you can’t seem to finish?
  • Learn strategies from a Speech Language Pathologist to help you stay on task and engaged.

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