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Breathing is a function easily taken for granted as it usually occurs without us having to think about it. While breathing is most known for supplying our bodies with oxygen while clearing out carbon dioxide biproduct, it also plays a pivotal role in speaking, coughing, swallowing, posture, relaxation and even physical activities such as walking…READ MORE

September 22, 2020 is the first day of Fall and more importantly National Falls Prevention Awareness Day! Here are some Fall Prevention Tips to consider: Wear sensible, supportive shoes and clothing. Remove tripping hazards, such as rugs. Lighten up and organize your living space to allow for clear paths from room to room. Use assistive…READ MORE

How many of us have recently found ourselves in the midst of a chaotic and uncertain season of life? As a therapist, I witness this scenario countless times over. Individuals fighting for their lives, their dreams and aspirations and in doing so, silencing words of doubt, when all they need is support. Yet, despite the…READ MORE

It’s that time of year, when many enjoy sitting around a campfire/bonfire. We often hear about safety considerations when having a fire, but what about safety considerations when sitting around the fire? In our community, many individuals experience different sensation or no sensation in parts of their body due to a neurological injury or condition….READ MORE

In the past six months, how often have you experienced pain? As many as 40% of Americans have pain most days or every day, experiencing what medical professionals call chronic pain. We define chronic pain as pain lasting for greater than 6 months, but it’s much more impactful than its definition might lead you to…READ MORE

SEEING (CLEARLY) IS …believing that you can confidently and safely navigate your environment (i.e., your home and your community), including avoiding obstacles that may cause injury. …believing that you can read the instructions on a package and read the name on a street sign. …believing that you can see objects throughout your visual field, including…READ MORE

As a speech-language pathologist, I am a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association of America (ASHA). May is deemed Better Hearing and Speech Month. The goal is to raise awareness about communication disorders. This could include a multitude of disorders affecting speech, language, voice, and hearing, but today I would just like to address communication…READ MORE

When Sherry was first diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), she initially felt worried about what life would be like in the future. Sherry, an avid bird watcher, walker, travel guru, and dog-lover, wanted to make sure that she had the ability, time, and energy to keep up with her most valued hobbies. It has…READ MORE

Springtime weather is just around the corner! While you are staying home and social distancing yourself, why not start a home flower garden to bring some joy to your life? Making a raised flower bed allows those that have trouble getting down on the ground tend to a garden and still participate in this fulfilling…READ MORE

Don’t be fooled! With the 2020 Census, the recent passing of the stimulus package, and the extension of tax returns, the scammers have unleashed and are phishing for your information! Here are some pointers on how to protect yourself. Don’t accept email or attachments from anyone that you do not know. Do not be fooled…READ MORE

What are you doing to keep your mind well during this time of social distancing? Social distancing does not have to equate to social isolation. It is important to stay connected with people during this time and to nurture your mental wellbeing. There are many ways to avoid social isolation in a time of physical…READ MORE

You want to go to college, but you don’t know where to start. It’s one thing to be thinking of where to apply, and to know if you’ll qualify and be admitted. But, then there’s your disability. How does that fit into the whole picture? Whether you use a wheelchair, have visual impairments, ADHD or…READ MORE

Warren Nelson, sustained a spinal cord injury a few years ago in early 2016, but he did not let that stop him from pursuing his dreams. Following his injury, he became very dedicated to recovery. He began therapy at Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group in Rockford and then transferred to the Traverse City location upon…READ MORE

LIFE DIVIDED Through my years of working as a therapist for those who have survived traumatic neurological injury, I have not only witnessed the physical pain my patients have gone through, but also the emotional hardship that results from the healing that must take place after such an injury occurs. As a member of a…READ MORE

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