It’s that time of year, when many enjoy sitting around a campfire/bonfire. We often hear about safety considerations when having a fire, but what about safety considerations when sitting around the fire? In our community, many individuals experience different sensation or no sensation in parts of their body due to a neurological injury or condition. We must consider taking additional precautions to prevent burns.

  1. Sit at least 4 feet from the contained fire pit, keeping all body parts to self. i.e. don’t rest your feet on the fire pit enclosure.
  2. Use a fire pit spark screen that fits the fire pit enclosure.
  3. Avoid burning wood types that tend to spark, such as pine, cedar, hemlock.
  4. Talk to your therapist about other adaptations that can be made to keep you safe. i.e. extended roasting sticks
  5. Find out if there are “flammable” warnings on your equipment and follow the label recommendations.
  6. Consider getting a flameless/simulated fire pit.
  7. Make sure you are up to speed on general safety recommendations for having a fire. Check with your local fire department on recommendations and the daily fire danger forecast.
  8. Be sure to inspect your skin immediately following exposure to campfire/bonfire, as well as the day after. Seek medical attention if you observe changes in your skin health.