Support Services

At Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group we look at the whole picture and go beyond the standard for services. We identify areas where support is needed. It’s not just about eliminating barriers in therapy, it’s about defying the barriers outside of therapy.  Our approach is holistic, individualized, and team-based. We focus completely on the individual, and form a plan around their story, unique circumstances, and personal goals.

Each individual experience is important to us. We realize that healthcare is complex, and can be confusing and frustrating to many. When an individual has been diagnosed with a catastrophic injury, illness or progressive condition, there may be challenges with being listened to, maintaining continuity with care, accessibility, and awareness of needs.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Medical Director 

Our Medical Director is Dr. Andrew Cole, MD, MS, FAAPMR, CPE. He currently visits each clinic bimonthly. He is available to consult with clients and provide his expertise in collaboration with the rehabilitation team. Dr. Cole is a board certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician, with a special interest in neurorehabilitation.


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