Wheelchair Seating and Equipment

We think functional mobility is an important part of therapy and recovery, so we help identify the right type of wheelchair and develop personal strategies for mobility. Our goal is to maximize each person’s comfort, posture, how pressure is distributed, and efficiency and ease of getting around.

We provide a routine benefit with the Assistive Technology Professional (ATP). Side by side, the therapist and ATP analyzes the needs of our clients, assisting in the selection and training of appropriate equipment. Our ATP works directly with the clients during their therapies, creating a relationship that is uncommon in most clinics.

What makes our approach different:

  • A collaborative team approach including our therapist and ATP, your preferred vendor, and you; to achieve the best functional outcome with equipment selection
  • An efficient, streamlined process for addressing your short-term and long-term equipment needs
  • Pressure mapping technology
  • A proactive system of seating checkups and education to prevent posture, mobility, and skin  issues

Innovative Technology & Equipment

  • Pressure mapping technology


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