What are you doing to keep your mind well during this time of social distancing? Social distancing does not have to equate to social isolation. It is important to stay connected with people during this time and to nurture your mental wellbeing. There are many ways to avoid social isolation in a time of physical isolation. Here are some ideas:

1. Schedule meetings with friends and/or family virtually. There are many ways you can do this: Facetime, Skype, and Zoom.
2. Schedule a game night. There are many free online games and apps that you can use to invite multiple people to join in.
3. Start a social group on Facebook/Meetup.com and ask your friends to join. This might start with a common interest or hobby, such as a book club, favorite sport, comedy, bible study, bird watching, knitting, cooking, gardening, baking, crafting, or wellness to name several.
4. Get outside every day. Having your senses stimulated does wonders. It can be refreshing to be outside in nature, renewing your mind and letting go of any negative thoughts.
5. Keep a routine that is consistent. Be sure to include healthy eating habits and exercise.
6. Take the time to do things that you haven’t made time for. For example: read a book/audiobook, clean/reorganize a messy cupboard, try a new recipe. Create a checklist. It is rewarding when you check off tasks on your “to-do” list and helps you stay structured.