Meditation is a single-pointed focus, which in this case means focusing our attention on our breathing or relaxation. Pain has physiological effects on structures of the brain. This means that if an injury heals, but the structure of the brain does not, you will continue to experience a pain response. HOWEVER, research shows that practicing yoga and meditation can have the opposite effect on the brain and can relieve chronic pain. Here is something that YOU can do at home!

~ Haley Zietz MS, OTRL


Four-Point Meditation

Complete this sequence with a 4-point chant, pairing one part with each of the 4 movements pictured below. For example, “I am safe. I am healthy. I am happy. I choose to live with ease.”


Start with both hands on your knees.

This will also be the position you will end the sequence in.

Raise one of your hands while inhaling and turning your gaze towards that hand.

State the first part of your phrase in your head.


Exhale and cross your hand to your opposite shoulder, bowing your head in that direction.

State the second part of your phrase.


Inhale, raising your hand and gaze to follow.

State the third part of the your phrase.


Exhale and release your hand back down to your knee, stating the last part of your phrase, as you bow your head.


Repeat with other hand if able.


For a printable version: Meditation Handout