Vestibular Rehabilitation

Symptoms of vestibular dysfunction such as dizziness, disorientation, imbalance, and fear of falling can make activities of daily living challenging and unsafe.  Through Vestibular Rehabilitation, we restore balance, function, and ultimately, a person’s general wellbeing. Our therapists are well versed in addressing the central and peripheral components of vestibular dysfunction to help you overcome symptoms that interfere with your daily activities.  Real-life scenarios are simulated in a safe and controlled environment. For any person with a vestibular impairment, we promise we’ll do everything to restore balance and and function.

What makes our Vestibular Rehabilitation different:

  • A collaborative approach between PT, OT, and SLP centered on functional recovery, health, and wellness
  • Treatments are individualized and may include:
    • Oculomotor and eye exercises
    • Sensory organization
    • Balance and postural control training
    • Repositioning maneuvers
    • Adaptation, habituation, and substitution strategies
    • Memory and cognition activites

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