Cognitive Rehabilitation

Following a brain injury or onset of cognitive challenges, an individual or family member may notice challenges with performance of everyday tasks that may not have been difficult previously. Experiences and activities that may be challenging vary from person to person. As a result, there is no “cookie cutter” approach for cognitive rehabilitation.

At Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group, we create a team approach between the Speech Language Pathologist, the Occupational Therapist, and the individual to work into the person’s defined and identifiable communities. Speech is not just about talking. It’s learning how information is processed and understood. This allows the individual to find the right words, identify socially appropriate behaviors, and attain overall reasoning. Additional areas of focus include improving memory, vision and auditory processing, attention, and problem-solving abilities. Occupational therapy focuses on real life skills to resume participation in all areas of the individual’s defined community including home, work, and recreation.

What makes our Cognitive Rehabilitation program different:

  • Collaborative approach between the Speech Therapist creating strategies and the Occupational Therapist ensuring effective carryover of identified strategies within a functional context
  • Focus on helping clients rediscover their identity
  • Treatment is individualized and creative, to ensure successful outcomes
  • Evaluation for adaptive equipment needs
  • Continuous feedback and active communication

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Evaluation Process

After an initial evaluation by the PT / OT /SLP, we recommend a treatment plan.  The plan is unique to the client—their goals and needs, plus the therapist’s findings and knowledge. The frequency and duration of therapy sessions are based on the physician’s prescription and recommended treatment plan.

All About YOU

To form a therapy plan, we get to know you on a deeper level—your passions, motivations, and personal story. It’s not small talk. It’s a critical part of what we do. By getting to know your dreams and ultimate goals, we create a bolder, more personalized way forward.


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