Spinal Cord Rehabilitation

When it comes to conditions, injuries, and illnesses that involve the spine, most clinics take a traditional approach, focusing on a diagnosed level of injury and the function associated. At Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group, we take a holistic approach, shifting the perspective to how far a client’s resolve will take them, achieving the greatest functional recovery.  Together, we come up with a plan. From there, we retrain, rebuild, and rehabilitate.

What makes our Spinal Cord Rehabilitation program different:

  • Activity-based therapy that retrains and promotes sensory/motor recovery
  • A personalized approach and skilled intervention with principles of neuroplasticity and prevention
  • Therapy that prioritizes skills for daily independence and safety
  • Simulation of real life activities in an accessible environment
  • Evaluation for equipment and orthotic needs, including regular pressure mapping
  • Use of Bodyweight Support Systems (BWSS) to promote weight bearing, resistance, balance and gait retraining; included treadmill, ceiling track, and stall bars
  • Use of pool (see Aquatic Therapy) to reduce the impact of gravity
  • MyndMove Functional Electrical Stimulation used to facilitate arm, hand, and fine motor movement patterns
  • MyndStep Functional Electrical Stimulation to address foot drop
  • Continuous feedback and active communication

If you’ve recently sustained an injury to the spinal cord or believe you could benefit from a different kind of program, contact us.

Evaluation Process

After an initial evaluation by the PT, OT, or SLP, we recommend a treatment plan.  The plan is unique to the client—their goals and needs, plus the therapist’s findings and knowledge. The frequency and duration of therapy sessions are based on the physician’s prescription and recommended treatment plan.

All About YOU

We don’t look at where someone with a spinal injury is today, but rather where they could be with dynamic support. Our team pushes people toward their potential, while simulating real life activities and environmental situations. We learn what a person loves to do or a physical goal they want to achieve. Then, together, we get to work.


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