Aquatic Therapy

We use the principles of water—temperature, buoyancy, and pressure—to create an optimal environment for neurological recovery. Alongside our therapists, clients get in the water and engage in activities being on land simply can’t provide. Our aquatic setting provides increased sensory input, neuromuscular re-education, and improved motions and coordination of the muscles.  Clients are able to experience an improvement with stability, dynamic balance, and gait performance while reducing stress on extremities. The therapeutic effects of water temperature and buoyancy forces also provide assistance with pain management, muscle tone differences, and spasticity management.

What makes our Aquatic Therapy different:

  • Our underwater treadmill promotes sensory motor input to the nervous system
  • A body weight support system for increased upright support
  • A focus on goals in conjunction with land-based activities to promote carryover of quality movement patters


  • Aquatic Therapeutic Exercise Certification (ATRIC)


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