In 2013 Erv experienced a life changing event… Erv fell from the roof of his home. Erv spent some time in the hospital, at Chicago VA. Upon his return home, he needed to continue therapy. It took some time, for him to find the right place. Thankfully, he discovered Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group through a friend. Erv notes that he has experienced a variety of therapists, but nothing like Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group. Erv talks about the gradual improvements he has made with therapy, but most of all it’s the therapist-to-client interaction that he very much enjoys. Through his experience, he has been able to see himself in a different light. Erv states that his biggest challenge has been his mindset in knowing what to expect.

Erv was introduced to the latest advanced functional electrical stimulation (FES) technology, easing his ability to use his upper extremities without thinking about it. As he understands it, this is neuroplasticity. He says, “Life Beyond Barriers stays updated and educated bringing in the latest edge of technology.”

Most recently, Erv took a big leap in his recovery. He went from his wheelchair, to walking with double canes! He admits he did not see this coming.