Dave describes himself as the Energizer Bunny. “I go to sleep at midnight, wake up at 5am, and leave the house by 6:30am,” he says. “I do physical therapy, massage therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy three times per week.” On the days Dave doesn’t drive 1.5 hours to and from Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group, he’s at the automotive plant where he works as a contract engineer—working hard and offering ideas on how to save costs. Stereotypically a person diagnosed with quadriplegia is not this active , but Dave’s drive is on another level.

Being his active, busy self, Dave was unsatisfied with routine, low-energy therapy. He craved something more dynamic, where people drove him and pushed him harder. After spending what felt like a lifetime at another therapy center, Dave found his way to Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group. Immediately, he was moved by the place’s passion, conviction, and culture. “This place pushes you hard. They drive you and make working out fun,” Dave says.

It’s been 11 years since a teenager ran a stop sign and took away Dave’s full mobility, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his hobbies and interests. “I just like living life and having fun. You never know what’s going to happen,” he says. Today, Dave camps, spends time on a high-powered pontoon, and makes strides with help from his therapy team. “I drive 1.5 hours here and 1.5 hours back just because I love this place and they push me so hard,” he says. “It’s a great feeling.”