As he laid underwater, Cameron could only hope someone would come to his rescue. He had just dove into the ocean waves, like he had a thousand times before. Only this time, he hit a sand bar in the worst way. With his neck broken, he was unable to stand up.

This injury happened in the summer of 2007, while Cameron was spending time in Spain. There, he spent three weeks in a hospital before coming back to his hometown of Grand Rapids. A few weeks after, he began therapy.

“When you have an injury of mobility issue, it feels like you’re stuck,” Cameron says. The community isn’t easy on people with injuries. Places aren’t always equipped for wheelchairs. People place limits on those with an injury, or assume what they can’t do. That’s why it was so liberating for Cameron to find Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group. “This place can help you reclaim your life,” he says. “They’re like my family.”

At Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group, the benefits are physical for Cameron, but also mental and emotional. In the gym, he’s surrounded by people who are on a similar journey. They celebrate birthdays and milestones together. They support each other and cheer each other on. In a world that can be hard on those with injuries, Cameron has a support system unlike any other.

After almost a decade at Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group, Cameron has come a long way. He couldn’t stand after his injury in 2007, but with body weight support technology at Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group, he’s been able to stand on his own two feet. “A big piece of what I like to do is standing,” he says. “Every time, it’s a rush.”