After 13 years of therapy, Amber discovered Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group. At the time, she was working in marketing for a home care company. She didn’t need intensive rehabilitation, but stopped by at the request of someone she was helping at work. “You have to check this place out,” he said—so she did. After a few minutes inside, she asked herself, “Why on earth am I not here?”

Two weeks later, Amber was coming to Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group. “I’ll ever stop coming,” she says. “Some people ask why I’m still doing therapy. I tell them this place isn’t your typical therapy. They tailor a program to your abilities and really push you to be stronger—not just physically, but mentally, too.”

For the last 20 years, Amber has learned the drill. She understands how therapy works most places, which is why she consistently advocates for what she gets from Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group. “Most therapy is an hour session, but by the time you really get warmed up, the session is done,” she says. “The three-hour chunks at LBB are just awesome. We get so much done, and you leave feeling like you got the most from your time.”

Today, Amber doesn’t slow down. She plays wheelchair rugby, loves to boat, and is raising her 15-year-old nephew. She kayaks, travels, and loves to be outside. And after seven years of therapy with our team, we think she’s just getting warmed up.