Personal Training

This isn’t your average gym. Here, balance is improved through boxing drills, coordination and reaction are achieved with a medicine ball and a trampoline, muscles are built on the TRX, and cardio endurance is gained on the Krank Hand Cycle. When it comes to personal training, we focus on breaking through the boundaries and limitations of disabilities to find creative solutions to help clients reach their fitness goals. Whether the ultimate goal is weight loss, improved balance, completing a 5k, improving a bowling average, or returning to hiking, the focus is always on the whole person – not the disability. We meet the client where they are in their recovery and motivate them to reach the next level and beyond. We push the client toward achieving their goals, keeping them motivated, and upping the challenge as goals are met.

What makes personal training different:

  • Focus on functional, dynamic movement
  • Finding each client’s “inner athlete”
  • Individualized workout plans that evolve as goals are met


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